Tuesday, January 26, 2010

why hello there

Hello All! Welcome to my "food/art blog"... I hope you find these recipes and ideas useful, and delicious!

DO NOT be afraid to try to cook these if you aren't that experienced, my aim is to make it easy and not intimidating!

If you are like many college students, like my roommates (who have inspired my food knowledge sharing), you probably live off of ramen, pb&j, dining hall food, and pizza... or the 3 things your mom taught you how to "suffer" through... This is for you guys. Try these things! if you fuck up, it's just one more lesson learned! if you succeed, well.. Bon Appetit!

Please let me know what you think of the recipes, if you cook them- how did it go for you? what was unclear or made you feel unsure? I'm an Art Education major, so i am always looking for ways to improve my communication skills! (thus the teacher-like questions) haha

Also, I will try to include the links to the websites that have inspired me- what i do is try a recipe, then make my own adjustments to it once i know how to make the basic dish. Try mine, or the recipe I was inspired by... then once you are comfortable- make your own version!


  1. hey! can you post the recipe for the delicious pasta cheese broccoli dish I'm eating!?!? it's scrumptious. thanks, your the bomb.

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! I heard of this blog through your sister's blog, which I discovered today. I'm thrilled for you. Blogging is a blast. I look forward to your fabulous recipes. Welcome to the blog world. :)